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Since this is Tire Mousse: for dualsporting thread, I noticed on the FTD site:

"**Off-Road Flat Tire Defender inserts are NOT designed or recommended for use in Motorcycle Street, motorcycle dual sport and motorcycle Adventure applications. Refer to Tire Technology LLC Important Safety Information for more details."
The accepted definition of dual sport riding is mixed paved and dirt, so under that definition, the FTD wouldn't qualify. But my actual DS riding consists primarily of dirt roads/routes with maybe 2-3% paved transition sections. That's why I'm using the FTD inserts. Also, Mefo Mousse have not been sized for trials and DOT-trials-like (MT43) tires, so I used the FTD inserts based on recommendations of riders who use them in enduro competition (mostly dirt).

I am not trying to redefine any type of riding or use; my research is aimed at testing mousse and mousse-like inserts for my own use. I will document all of it on a web page of my creation. My posting here was only concerning what I did to facilitate mounting of a Mefo Mousse. Thanks for your comments; I'll be moving on now.
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