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ADV tank installation on F650GS / F800GS for extended range

I thought I'd document the installation and use of the ADV tank on the 650 / 800GS. While it's designed to mount on the these 2 bikes, it can easily be adapted to fit other bikes, by mounting it on a pillion plate or luggage rack.

Adventure Tank is a Colorado based outfit initially started by our own mod / Dakar finisher the legendary Neduro and now run by another ADVrider inmate.

6 extra liters will gain me about 125 to 150 km range (77 to 93 miles), giving me close to the same range as I had on my 1200GSA's 33 liter tank. I'm now expecting to easily achieve around 500 to 525 at the speeds at which I ride (65 to 75 mph / 110 to 120 km/h) and even a bit more if I slow down a bit.

I like the simple setup: the 30 minute installation, no drilling of the stock tank, 100% easily reversible, does not interfere with my hard panniers or their mounts, and I don't need to strap on extra fuel canisters, plus having that extra range suits my riding style best. I like to ride for 4 or 5 hours non stop, and I find when touring the backroads around here, western NY and western PA, and doing my annual Tour de Colorado, I find I have to stop to refuel after 200 to 250 km since gas stations are sometimes hard to come by, so you fill up when you can, not when you want to. Riding at least 400 km and then thinking of getting fuel, this ADV tank gives me that range and the peace of mind, and the cost is reasonable. Plus, it's always good to support an ADV inmate's Colorado based outfit.

p.s. I started posting in this thread, so you might want to check out some of the banter and other options there.
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