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I changed to LED on all my lights.

Alot brighter and saved just under a volt ( as far I could tell by using the the old Volt metre and using my eye ).

When doing the indicators .. you will have to replace the "flasher" relay or you will get "hyper" indicators ( flashing rapidly ).
I replaced mine with a cheap one ebay from China for $2 ... and it worked great for a few days ( so about was about 50 a day ). I then got some orange LED strip lights and placed then on the lower crash bars ( about $10 worth ) and that solved that problem whilst giving me more " presence" . One thing I could never work out was that the rear bulbs worked fine whilst I couldn't get my front ones to work .. and they are now just standard. I also replaced the front park light with two strips of LED's on a piece of plastic .. which not only work great .. but freed up some valuable space in bike so I could install my speaker cables. ( will post some pics today of these )

I spent a bit more getting this fancy rear stop light bulb that flashes when brake is applied and have had a few guys comment on who well that works in getting attention ( I am not sure if its " legal " .. but hey if I get pulled over I will be telling the cops of the improved safety of it )

WU7X .. there is a guy up your way in Seattle that has been doing the LED cluster replace kits for K's for a long time . I did email him a few months back if he had them for the R's ... he didn't but was interested if I supplied him the info he would be able to source the correct bulbs ( which I never did )

This is his details
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