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Originally Posted by WU7X View Post
I installed all the LEDs (except the gen) plus the speedo/odo. None of them are working. Will start trouble shooting today. Oh, the gen light does work, so I know I'm getting juice to the idiot cluster. Any ideas? I have tried turning them all around in the sockets, and have tried turning the sockets 180 degs. Still nothing. Next step is to pull them all out, replace them with the incandescents I removed. Make sure that they work. Then one at a time until I can get them all lit up.
Well, the 74-xHP3s are NOT polarized, but the WLED-xHPs ARE. Flipping those around in the socket and then flipping the socket itself is a start. BUT, at the bottom of the "More Info" page for the WLED-xHPs, there is a hover link on the text "Wedge Base Socket Contact Notes" that shows the following diagram:

I'm pretty sure that the laminated contact boards for the sockets on these type pods are opposing side polarity (like FIG. 2). BUT, put your eyeballs to the test with all parts in hand to determine if you maybe need to cut the leads on either side as described.

Also, your idea of troubleshooting one bulb at a time is a GOOD one. It may be that multiple faulty bulb orientations are disturbing the flow of electricity to the others. Figure out why the WLEDs aren't working in their respective spots first, then move on to the individual 74s.

I found that using dielectric grease helped things slide together a bit more easily and possibly improve electrical contact on the pins. Grease the inner sockets of the bases and the outer contacts too. Make sure that none of the printed circuit board "flaps" have shifted or flopped around or gotten pinched somehow. You might want to pull the headlight bezel to take a look at the fuses, just in case. Also, make sure the kill switch is in the run position, and the key is in the ON position instead of PARK.

Stick with it, be patient, and you'll get it! I did, so I know you can.
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