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Originally Posted by Madman1 View Post
I´ve the ¨pod¨ you are refering to in your post nr. 83.
My ¨Rider´s Manual¨ state that oil pressure, neutral and high beam telltales are 1.2W.
Instrument cluster, turn indicator repeater and charge telltale are 3W. Total of 8 telltales.
Telltale. Funny word. Where did that come from?
I guess leaving the charge light as is, is best.
Since I drive a good deal at dark, I don´t want the ¨pod¨ very much brighter.
Well Madman, we might want to follow along with WU7X's progress first then!

But if you are positive the inner workings are the same as the /6 and /7 pods, then my recommendations would be the same as for WU7X (and amended as needed).

Here's the wedge bulb page at

If you don't want things too much brighter, I would suggest staying away from the HP (high power) type bulbs, and also shoot for the single LED options. The best thing I can suggest is to pull a bulb of each type and cross-reference the dimensions with those listed at specification pages for each bulb. They have dimensions for every bulb they offer. This way you will know what fits in the socket and the pod housing.

I know that the options I have suggested for WU7X will fit the pod but we just need to see his success before we know they for sure work. I can't think of a reason why they won't.

Even if you have to go with a bulb that is an HP variety with multiple LEDs, you can do as I am contemplating - paint over an LED or two with liquid electrical tape to reduce the intensity of the light.

Now, for the actual turn signals I can heartily recommend the Tower type 1156/1157 bulbs. In particular the 1156-x45-T. They throw out a TON of light in the turn signals. Of course, if you use LED turn signals, you will probably need an electronic flasher relay or resistors in each circuit. Do you have one or two turn signal indicator lights in the dash? If you have only one, you will absolutely need a electronic flasher relay (like the Kisan) to prevent an "all flash at once" condition.

For the stock taillight bulb, I would go with the 1157-R45-T. You might need a resistor here, but your bike is similar enough to mine that I don't think you will.

If you do have to use a resistor, it would negate any power-savings that might have been gained, but you will have brighter, longer lasting bulbs at least.
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