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On the trail again!

Yess!!! Finally riding again! I solved my charging problem, and repaired that pinched wire properly. I cut it, re-soldered, and applied "Liquid Tape" to insulate it. I also looked again at the milky oil, and found that it was mostly around the starter motor gear in the stator cover. This makes me think that it might just be a shotty o-ring, considering how localized it is. I check my oil, and it is clean as can be, and I don't appear to be losing coolant. I will keep a close eye on this.

I went for a short rip up to oliphant lake, just to get off the tarmac (can't complain about riding the malahat in the dry though), and tested out the new pegs and bar risers on the trail. They are a nice improvement! It's much more comfortable standing now, though I could almost use another inch of bar height. I'll stick with this setup for now though, perhaps i'll get some rox risers in the future, if I feel an inch isn't enough.

Next on the list, is a carb re-build, since it's looking a bit leaky, along with a re-jetting and the 3x3 mod!! Might as well give it some more "go" if I'm gonna be in there!

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