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Bluhduh There is no such thing as 30% rain!

Had so much fun yesterday, I had to go out a little further today! I explored some of the secondary roads off of Kapoor Mainline, and found some pretty fun trails, many of which still had snow.

Going in, I saw this guy with his DRZ on a rock stand, and figured I should see if he needed any tools or help. I figured he looked pretty independant, (i know how annoying it can be having EVERYBODY stop to ask if you're okay) but i'd feel like a knob if he ended up needed something. He was right in Koksilah park at least, and he only needed a 12mm socket, so he un-did his front wheel, and was good to go.

The 30% chance of rain turned to 100% as it always does on the Island! (sigh, its the life here)

The rider I stopped for had warned me of snow in the hills right where I was headed. I wanted to see the forest near waterloo mountain, and sure enough, this is what I ran into.... It's just not quite spring yet! Hey, at least the gate is open!

Who am I kidding, I'm having fun!

Had one of those, "Hey, is that a ........Oh, its just garbage" moments! Damn, that would've been a nice bush knife if it wasn't plastic!

I've said it before, This may be the most important piece of emergency equipment you can bring! It never hurts to try your fire building skills in the wet. One day, you might really end up needing it. I've been bringing a tarp these days too.

Even with tools, tinder and fire starters, success is not guaranteed! It takes a lot of practice to keep a fire going in the rain forest. Hint: build a base of bigger logs on the bottom to keep the embers from soaking up water. Also, split wood always burns better.

I picked up this little folding speaker from "Capital Iron" a local department/hardware store for $7! It's a great little speaker powered by 2 AAA's or USB. It really puts out a lot for how small it is, and has decent low end, for being
3 1/2 inches square! I love it!

Nice little Crick near my stop. It also spelled the end of the trail! no crossing possibility, the only decent spot had huge logs in the way.....It's a nice spot though, I might have to camp out here sometime, maybe even try some panning!

Man is it getting greasy!!! The roads have gone to shite this winter! Time to go home. It was a fun day out.

Here are the the new bolt-ons! DRC pegs, I forget who made the risers.

I wonder what my co-workers think of me coming in every monday like this? They probably think I'm crazy, I say they're missing out!

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