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Your question has some personally specific yet opposite riding hypotheticals. My first reaction is that the Balance Oiled is a good....balance....between your two bikes and types of riding. But I always say that people should wear as much boot as they are willing to tolerate. Everyone's midpoint between comfort and protection is different, but yours is clearly tilting toward more support. The Midland is more supportive than the Balance, so I think is is a better choice for you. Based on your explanation, the Gaerne G-Adventure is too soft. You could look at an Alpinestars Scout, but that boot is a little clunky and I cannot imagine using it for trials.

Many thanks for the insight. Based somewhat on that, I think I am coming to the conclusion that a one boot solution will have too many compromises, so will probably just accept the fact I need a pair of trials boots and a nice stout pair of boots for touring and a bit of DS on the GS 1200. Trials boots is easy enough to find and choose. Just need to re-think the road boots now. Still want something I can walk in with a degree of comfort though, so don't think my Gaerne Skywalk MX boots are going to cut it for me. Hmm, any suggestions on that?
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