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Heated grip Fix - Step by Step

I recently had a left heated grip failure, but I managed to open up the "sealed" grip and get to the element to fix it myself.

This repair will work on all of the following new generation grips, because the current part numbers for the replacement BMW heated grips are the same on all of the following bikes:

R1200GS (2005-Current); R1200R (2007-Current); R1200ST (2005-2007); R1200S; K1200S (2005-2008); K1200R (2005-2008); K1200R Sport.

F800S; F800ST (2007-Current); F650GS (2001-2004); F800GS (2009-Current); F650GS (2009-Current).

This is what to do: (For the LEFT grip)
  1. Remove the handlebar weight. (If you have hand protectors, then remove them also)
  2. Open the multifunction switch cover by removing the 2 small screws on the back.
  3. Disconnect both plugs from inside the multifunction switch and then move them out of the way so you are then able to remove the 2 small screws that attaches the plastic attachment of the grip to the inside of the multifunction switch.
  4. Remove the multifunction switch.
  5. Remove the screw/s that attaches the grip to the handlebar, and then just slide the grip off.
  6. You now need to get to the root of the problem inside the grip. Normally it is one of the 2 wires that break off where they are attached to the element inside the sealed grip.
  7. Before going any further, I would suggest testing the wiring in the grip with a multimeter to see if electricity can flow from one pin, through the element inside, and out the other pin. If not, then proceed as follows.
  8. Use a sharp carpet razor blade to VERY carefully & slowly separate the rubber from the plastic all the way around the grip. The rubber is only molded onto the plastic for a short distance (only along the edge), so be slow and carefully cut a small bit at a time while you try to roll the rubber back onto itself to expose the element.
  9. NOTE - Some guys blow high pressure compressed air inbetween the rubber and plastic to blow the whole thing up like a balloon and thus force the rubber off the plastic, but this will basically stretch and ruin the whole rubber part of the grip. You DON'T have to do it this way, just carefully cut it open a little bit, and then you can simply roll it back to expose the element.
  10. Your problem is very likely now exposed, and is probably the wire soldering that broke where it attaches to the element. You can see in my photo below that my black/yellow wire has come loose.
  11. Simply solder the wire carefully back onto the element where it broke off, and you're all set!
  12. Roll the rubber back, and re-install everything, making sure that the markings on the handlebars, the clamps, the plastic guides etc. all line up nicely before tightening everything again. Don't over-torque!
  13. You've just saved yourself a couple hundred bucks.
  14. (Note - For the RIGHT grip, you will also have to remove the throttle cable & cover)
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