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Bit more over the last week. Got the tab welded on to the rearset bracket. Its functional, but man do my welds stink. Drilled a hole in the kicstand and put this pin into keep it from over-extending- it hits the "tabs" on the "tab".

Stuck it on, and viola! It stands on its own 3 legs again! Still have to come up with a spring and figure out how to attach it.

I've also been hemmin and hawwin over what to do about the rear brake. I just couldn't see any good way to get the pedal attached to the brake, so I decided on something simple and went with it. I'm still not sure its going to work very well... open to suggestions.

Measurin & markin'



Fergot to take a pic of it all bent up, but then I welded it to the pedal. You can see what the pedal looked like before, and then now with the goofy bent & twisted tab for the brake line.

And on the bike:

Still worried about the brake rod. It's going to have to have a kink in it to go under the axle there.


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