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I have a 2009 BMW G650GS. Up until now, I have had the dealer do all of my oil changes because I wanted to ensure the warranty on the bike. I now want to start doing my own oil changes but I have never done an oil change on a dry sump system. Is there a link here somewhere that will have instructions on how an oil change is done on the G650GS. Also, If anyone has a extra service manual laying around that they would like to sell I would be interested.

Reply to this thread or send me a pm.

I also have a 2009 g650gs. I have done all my own oil changes, I have put over 22,000miles on the bike.
1. Take off the left and center tank plastic, you will have to unscrew the left turn signals, but you don't have to disconnect them, let them hang.
2. Make sure bike is on side stand and not center stand for next step, less mess.
3. Remove the oil reserve drain bolt, make sure the oil tank cap is removed.
4. After oil is drained from reserve tank, reinsert drain bolt.
5. Place bike on center stand.
6. Remove skid plate.
7. Remove oil drain plug.
8. Drain oil.
9. While oil is draining, remove oil filter cover, going to get a little messy here,unless you find a way to catch the oil from the filter when you loosen the cover.
10. Remove and replace the filter, cleaning up any old oil.
11. Replace the cover.
12. Replace the oil drain plug.
13. Pour in the proper amount of oil in the oil reserve tank.
14. Insert the oil cap
15. Start bike, let run for a few seconds. Turn off. Remove oil cap and check oil level. Don't add or remove oil if needed yet.
16. Replace skid plate, plastics and oil cap.
17. Start bike and run for a few minutes. Remember bike and oil has to be hot to get proper oil level readings.
18. Turn off bike, wait one minute, check oil.

Takes me about 30 minutes to do these steps to change the oil. Hope this helps.
16. Reattach the skid plate and all the plastics and turn signals.
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