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Originally Posted by BetaTrialsGuy View Post
If you'll take a close at the photo, you'll see that the time on my watch
shows 5 minutes to one! I never crash after one o'clock, so it was very
close to a non-crash day when I blew it! If that was a Trials section, I
would have scored 5 points against me! Dag-nab-it!

I do believe that there's a slightly better trail up and around the rocks as
a result, so it should get easier after a few more crash rides around the
gate. Either that, or Jonz should duplicate about 20 new keys from the
master gate key he (probably) still has!

Over and out!
Ahh, that explains it. I didn't realize that it was BEFORE 1:00. I thought you saw a quarter on the ground or maybe a gold nugget like Kelly said.

And I agree, I think the only fair thing for Jonz to do in exchange for laying down on his duty and failing to lead the FFL is to loan us the gate key to make just a couple copies...!
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