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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Very tidy looking set-up, the only thing that confuses me is the roadbook on top and the Vector on the bottom... Maybe it's just me
but I always thought the set up would warrant the roadbook on the bottom (for weight as well)...

the craftsmanship looks great though, well done!
Thanks Aaron and Duke, Bro, this is just a proto of a simpler version of roadbook mounts that will accommodate my handguards, be easily removable and most importantly inexpensive for a weekender, and not meant as a Dakar substitute. As far as weight and momentum of the roadbook and odo's, if you think about it, the roadbook is in about the same place regardless of adding on an odo.

If say a RMS roadbook bracket was bolted up front with an odo it would create an even greater pendulum effect and an even more vunerable position for the odo, which in the case of an ICO or Watchdog is equal to or more expensive than the F2R roadbook. This is designed to accommodate the RMS Brkt if desired.

RMS Brkt anodized black to cut down reflection.

As a weekender I need this to be as survivable as possible with as little at risk as possible, the roadbook will almost always be vulnerable, but at least the odo can be protected well, that's one of the drivers of the design. This is the easiest of the designs we discussed prior to build, mainly on account of time constraints.

I'm still working on a frame mounted fairing/light/roadbook version and will throw it out there for comments and criticisms, but I have a busy day today, need to go out and play with this and the roadbook switches and motor driver.


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