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Originally Posted by schaffer40 View Post
Great report.

I am interested in what you packed for the trip. Your kit is very compact from the looks of it.

Maybe a follow up to the ride report after you get home and are unpacking.

Have fun and be safe.
Actually, I'm already home . . . all the way back in Maine. There was no internet service anywhere that I stayed in Baja, and even if there was there's no way I would have had time to do this while I was there. I was scheduled to fly back to ME a few days after returning to AZ so I didn't really have much time to do the RR then either - I wanted to spend some time with family before leaving, and I did a complete service on the bike in AZ before I left so that it's ready to roll for the next trip.

Regarding what I packed for the trip, I do travel pretty light.
The bag strapped onto the seat behind me carried my tent, tent footprint, sleeping bag, and a camp towel. It also serves as a bit of a backrest at times, and I also leaned my butt on it a few times to help float the front thru the sand after standing on the pegs for ten or twenty miles on a couple of those sandy/washboard roads.
The rear box held all my tools (I don't skimp on tools) and spare parts like clutch and throttle cables, spare levers, etc. It also contained a bunch of other stuff; first-aid kit, paper maps, electric cords, cable lock, goggles, sunglasses, spare gloves, small bottle of cleaning solution, a few small towels, tire repair kit, tire pump, etc.
Saddlebags contained my clothes, small can of chain lube, toiletries kit, thermal liners for my riding jacket and pants. I had room to spare in the saddlebags. I don't carry much for clothes. I wear good quality backpacking pants & shirts and carry two of each - the ones I'm wearing and a spare. They pack very small, they're very lightweight, but rugged, and can easily be hand washed and dry very quickly. They also provide good uv protection if you're out in the sun, and the pants convert to shorts. They're comfortable, and my wife says they even look good! They aren't cheap. I bring three pair of Under Armour underwear - again, not cheap, but they're awesome, and they're also lightweight, pack small, and can be easily hand washed and dry very quickly. A few pair of polypropylene sock liners, and two pair of merino wool socks. These are also easily washed and dry quickly. One sweatshirt, and a pair of flip-flops!

I don't bring any cooking utensils of any kind. The only food related item I carry is a spoon. I've never had a problem finding food.

I'm sure I left a few things out, but that should give a pretty good idea.

I feel like I could stay on the road indefinitely with this setup.
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