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Originally Posted by cisco View Post
I can go from 15 tooth to 17 tooth with the stock chain length.

The 17 wont deliver better consumption per se.

But if you open the airbox, open the exhaust and run Irridium plugs the boost all around in performance means it'll run the taller gearing without any ill effects on consumption.

I took my tuneable exhaust and opened it right up. Not noisier, but deeper note. Big fat burble. Fit the 17 and it get's slightly better consumption with solo rider, but not so much that I'd write home about it. Haven't done a decent pillion run yet.

It delivers better performance than it did with the standard engine and standard gearing. Has improved rideability around town as I can stretch the gears a little and let the engines torque work.

Short shift and twist the throttle and it rides sooooooo nice. I'll see how it goes long term.

Trail riding solo I had a lot of problems initially with the F8s habit of stalling when I'd got the front wheel up onto a log or similar. Instead of going for lower gearing long term, I went for better low end engine responce. It is now a lot harder to stall, and it picks up from idle with a full load effortlessly.

Basically for riding off road with a pillion, if I can't get up there with the gearing it has, I probably shouldn't be trying to get it up there with a pillion anyway. I get the wife to dismount and walk up anything really nasty. Ever since both she and the bike landed on me it has seemed like the wise thing to do.

I had her dismount knee deep mid river once to push when I got bogged....she only fell for that once. Funny but.
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