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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
Weight issue aside, why do like them reversed? Having never done a roadbook event, I'm curious.
Just habit I guess... when racing, I look at the next tulip once or twice (ie. 58.43, fork, take left), memorize the 58.43 number (keep repeating to myself like a mantra), so then all I need to do is keep my eye on the odo till it starts approaching the 58.43 mark.

I find it's easier to do that if the odo is on top, makes the transition from looking at the track to looking at the odo easier on the eyes than skipping past the the roadbook every time. Also, you might need to adjust the odo plus or minus: Again, easier if -in my line of vision- the odo is just below the course instead of underneath the roadbook

But hey, that's just my methodology, curious to hear other's as well
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