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Originally Posted by BajaJim View Post

I know the old man at Ramona's. He is her husband. And I know Ramona, from 35 years ago and also more recently.

Their place was the only place to get gas in that area when riding from San Diego to Mike's and beyond.

One day when separated from my riding buddies during a thunderstorm, I sat with Ramona and her husband under their "balcony". Another time they asked us in and we watch Ramona's daughter pluck the feathers from a chicken and prepare it for dinner.

God bless Ramona and her husband. They are not young and I hope they are still alive.

It sounds like you had a great trip. More power to you. Continue!

This is a great example of the downside of not speaking the language. I found I could get by just fine under normal circumstances looking for the usual everyday things like food, gas and camping. In fact, I joked with people after the trip that I got by on three words; "gaso, campo, and taco." There's a great deal of truth to that, but if you want to converse with the locals or find yourself in an unusual situation, as I was that evening, it get's much more difficult, if not impossible.

That evening, Wednesday 2/22/12 was a “new moon” - meaning there was no moon in the sky, making it the darkest of nights! That didn't help! I'm sure my encounter with the old gentleman, who was probably Ramona's husband, would have been very different if I spoke the language. I've heard nothing but great things about the two of them.
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