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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Very tidy looking set-up, the only thing that confuses me is the roadbook on top and the Vector on the bottom... Maybe it's just me
but I always thought the set up would warrant the roadbook on the bottom (for weight as well)...

the craftsmanship looks great though, well done!
Like Paul said, his setup is more of a "weekender" type of setup. I have my roadbook above my odo, too; mainly because all I have to do is bolt on a bracket, plug in the roadbook holder and go; leaving my computer in the same place. Looks to me like his setup would require no re-wiring etc, and just bolt on quickly and easily, with a minute or two to move the computer.

In a Rally application, I would rather have the odo on top of the roadbook holder for sure, but since I only do this occasionally, it works for me.
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