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I put a set on my 90 R100GSPD last year. They were awesome in Kodiak for the spring and summer dual sport rides. I have about 500 miles on them now and love them. The two complaints I would give about them is the front was a royal pain in the ass to mount. I cut the bead 4 times using a tire machine and it took three of us with irons plus the machine to get them on. If I ever get a flat with them on the road I am convinced I will be unable to get it off with irons to repair. The other complaint is that they are very noisy compared to both Sahara 3s and TKC's I ride 100% on the road now here in FL and I have to wear earplugs if I go above 45 mph because the howl is so loud and at just the right pitch to cause headaches very quickly. I'd say they are a great tire for more dual sport oriented riding, but for what I am doing now (not by choice btw, FL just sucks for riding) I'd be better off with something like a Tourance.
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