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which 'mountain' are you referring to?
sand mountain?

the civil war produced so many poignant and tragic circumstances. the horror is beyond anything we have known as citizens of later times.
i've been digging my ancestors on father's side for a long time with limited success - they lost everything in the war but it produced interesting side effects. somebody correct my understanding here, but a man who later became a relative by marrying one of my great great aunts was on pension from her father, my great grandfather, because he served in my g-grandfather's stead in the war, while g-grandfather continued his mercantile business as critical to the war effort, importing and otherwise obtaining commodities that were desperately needed. the son-in-law was buried in the family plot in a historic cemetery in N. Carolina. understandably, the caretakers of that cemetery don't allow rubbings/etchings of the stones so pictures must suffice
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