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So a few thoughts after taking the bike out last night, it's near impossible to see the odo while standing with it mounted below the roadbook. Having said that it's also near impossible to see the roadbook either while standing without getting a good quad pump from the position. It's pretty spooky riding in a sitting position on any kind of technical terrain because of how much it blocks the view. On the next version maybe an inch shorter and less of a bend upwards.

While working the roadbook switch on the uphill section at the beginning of the ride I ran the it back and forth and back and forth to get the new driver chip to hesitate and ran it back too far and pulled the tape, I need to tape a blank page at the beginning and end, what do you guys do?

The brake line didn't scare me till I started going down the backside at Lefthand and saw it flapping around, but a zip tie fixed that pretty well. The stock KTM speedo pickup will work with the Striker with a female to female adapter and same with the power, the handlebar switch is Trail Tech with an adapter to work with the stock KTM speedo. I'll be making some Y's and leave them in place.

I'll be interested to hear what you have to say about it Aaron.

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By changing the switch, do you mean cutting and reconnecting wires? Or is there a way to disconnect it? Would love to have better buttons on mine.

Anyway, getting off topic. sorry. Will make up for it by showing pics of my fully mounted roadbook and ICO this weekend... hopefully I get that far!
Forgot to bring a few of these home, does anyone know what kind of connector ICO's use? Sounds like for the Watchdog you could just use any connector or hard wire it again.

This will use the same momentary switches as the roadbook switch.


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