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Hey Paul,
We use some small pieces of paper taped to the F2R rods. Then tape the start and end of the sheets to that. By smaller I also mean narrower. This help get your fingers in there to secure the tape.

I do not know what the name of the ICO connector is. I will post up some close up photos here tomorrow AM. If you find a place to purchase these little connectors, you will be my hero.

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While working the roadbook switch on the uphill section at the beginning of the ride I ran the it back and forth and back and forth to get the new driver chip to hesitate and ran it back too far and pulled the tape, I need to tape a blank page at the beginning and end, what do you guys do?

Forgot to bring a few of these home, does anyone know what kind of connector ICO's use? Sounds like for the Watchdog you could just use any connector or hard wire it again.

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