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Jason McDaniel
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Yesterday was tough. Brianne ran the Super Special Stage just 0.07 seconds slower than the leader, but a jump later broke one of our rear struts in half. We're currently in second place and 39 seconds behind first. I'll let her facebook post tell the story. Here's the pic.

We lost 30 seconds on stage one to an evo X. It started with a climb up a mountain that went on forever. Our little non turbo car was struggling pretty hard but once we were on top and running the narrow ridges we started to close the gap setting top times for our class until we broke a strut in half on the super special. I was able to ratchet strap the hub so we could try to limp back to the 10 k away. We drove at 5 mph for almost a mile when I spotted a man waving and yelling from the balcony of a 3 story "house" made out of buses. I flaged down the car full of spectators behind us and found someone that spoke spanish to ask him if he could weld up our strut. Short story is that he welded up our strut with a stick welder right there on the side of the road a we were able to make it back to the Poliforum where we borrowed a welder from Bill Caswell and worked on the car till 3 AM. We will incur a stiff time penalty for arriving late but we are still in the race!
Jason McDaniel
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