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Originally Posted by theantipaul View Post
Dude, you are the man!

Here are what the switches look like in aluminum,

Here is Rev2, 10deg instead of 20, anti glare black, just begging to be scratched up,

Moved the mount all the way towards the rider, more like Dukes and added the RMS mounting bracket.

Tonight going to rewire the motor control and add LEDs for night riding, you can just see the wires for the light switch upper right corner, will be mounting a TT Vector up top for now and keep testing the Striker..

Just to follow up on the position, while standing, I don't even know the roadbook is there and have unobstructed view, can ride singletrack no problem. But I can't use the roadbook either, almost need to be sitting to work and understand it. That's how I spooled the paper, was dicking around with it while not looking at it. Thanks for the tip Chris.

Lefthand has a few ledges going up the 4 wheel drive road and while looking down at the roadbook then up again to see what I was going to hit sucked, so I gave up there and just stayed standing. I have to get more used to it, but I doubt I'll be trying to look at it much while standing.
Dang Paul, you're sure hooked on making the rally brackets Not that I'm complaining or anything. When your bracket shows up, I'll mount everything up and go for a test ride. I've got a good route made up already, so a proper test is in order. Thanks for the attention to detail.
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