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A few years ago i was running a stock 1969 Triumph Daytona as a dual sport.
I ran it for 5 years and 45,000 miles and the bike took a LOT of abuse.
I got it for $2800.00 in fair shape, but since I already had a 1979 Bonneville, i just used to blast down dirt roads feeling VERY cool.
Over time, I decided the 500 was so much fun, I sold the 750 and started fixing the poor Daytona up.
The bike had no problems at all in the dirt, it was light, had a low center of gravity, and in many crashes, nothing ever broke. I broke, but the bike did not.

The motor had some weak points, (transmission and clutch) but good power for the dirt.

I used to run the bike at insane speeds in the dirt, and never ran into anyone I could not keep up with unless the trail got really rough.
Vibration really killed the bike though, cracking things over and over.

I am starting to turn my tu250 into a dual sport, a smooth reliable version of the old Daytona.
I never found the low pipes to be any problem.
And I would rather not have bulging hot pipes burning my leg.
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