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Originally Posted by byways View Post
Great advice. I had a similar experience in Mojave Nat'l Preserve. In my 4Runner, I rolled right over one thinking it was a rock, then thought, hey, I think that was a tortoise. I stopped and walked back, and it was. I moved it off the road, but that was before I understood how careful one must be to first ascertain where the tortoise was heading and place it accordingly. Not sure I did. But at least I got it off the road. It didn't pee on me.
I have several of your guidebooks and find them consistantly good stuff.

As far as tortoises, we have seen several around the Bradshaw. It's always a treat when we do. (we move 'em off the road if we find them there too)

I am not surprised that when asked, the general public "knows" that off road enthusiasts are the main danger to desert tortoises while actually it's ravens and respitory desease that claim most. I have never seen a dead one near a road but have found a number of shells far from any trails with no sign of shell damage.
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