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Originally Posted by Shoganai
Hi, and welcome. I'm also glad you started this thread. I would like to meet other female riders to swap stories w/o testosterone input. I tryed to hang w/ some local female riders but they were boaring and dull. Sunny-day, warm-weather, weekend riding, clothing-hounds, shallow-narrow-minded boyfriend hunters. They didn't know the difference between a decreasing radius turn and a sweeper!! Or a clutch spline and a clutch lever!!

(neither did I when I started riding but I was at least interested and eager to learn and willing to put the miles down and the money into improving myself)

Now, if I didn't alienate you with that, would any of you be going to BMWMOA in Ohio next month?
I hear you on all that (though being a geek-gear hound is ok! ). Though I find the testosterone displays sometimes annoying and often amusing, most of my buddies are guys. It goes with the hobby territory: motorcycles, paintball, scuba, firearms, roleplaying & computer games, and the hobby/job--computers (UNIX geek--I work too much but it pays for the toys). Not too many females in those areas.

I am thinking about going to BMWMOA myself as I need some "me" time, but I really need to put some cash into my F650 if I'm going to do that. It needs a new rear shoe and a service (no tools and no space to work here in VA at the mo). But I hear Bob's BMW up in MD (I am in NoVA) is top flight, so I can at least get it done right.

Has anyone found a BMWMOA thread in the outings/regional sub-forums? Any of you ladies name their m/c's the way the fellas do?

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