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This is the view of my setup on the Safari from atop my helmet...My eyes are about 8 inches below the cam mount so I don't have quite the view of the camera. I never found the nav setup to be an issue as far as blocking the view of the terrain. Standing up I could see the odo and roadbook clearly. I tend to sit a lot but stand up for the real nasty terrain...and if needed while standing I could see the front wheel just fine. While riding 100 mph down some of the fast sections I would sit on the back of the bike and tuck down to get out of the wind and hide a little behind the wind break created by my numberplate/roadbook. In those sections the ICO was just below my line of site so I could scan the display with minimal distraction. The main issues I had was that the small numbers on the ICO were sometimes hard to read and the display liked to cloud over with dust...especially difficult to see through with the sun at your back. I think an ICO backup with the watchdog as primary would be a good setup. Watchdog above, ICO below.

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