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Originally Posted by pavlos79 View Post
Hi all!
The question is: when do you know that your clutch plates need replacement?
This is my situation..
When I bought the bike this summer, it was a bit hard finding neutral. . I must replace the famous thrust washers and do the clearance basket procedure. I was planning to do this during the next oil change. The problem is, that during the last couple rides (hot weather, hard off road driving), it is also quite hard to shift from 1st to 2nd and 3rd .. So Iíve decided that I have to work on the clutch ASAPÖ I will change the washers, do the clearance, and I was thinking if I should change the plates once there too..
And if so, do I have to change the complete set, including the steel plates and springs, or just the friction plates will do the work?
What is that generally causes this hardness during shifting?
Hi again!
So today I decided to open the clutch, change the thrust washers and do a bit of clearance on the clutch basket!
When I had opened everything and was checking the things in there, it came to my mind to go check the clutch of my DR250S '91, to see if the parts were in better shape, to use some of them instead.
Well this is what I found out! the previous owner, one of the many, had used an extra washer, to create the clearance needed.
This is it, and where it must have been positioned

the washer measures 25x21x2 mm and creates a gap of 1.5mm approx, so the basket can turn without problems!
This is what it looks like

I have to say that I've never experienced any problems with the clutch of my DR250S
and now I believe that this washer is the reason! So I am thinking to use it with the 350 as well,
without doing any clearance at the basket.
I will only file down the notches in the fingers, put the new thrust washers, and install everything back!
What do you guys think? Any objections??

P.S. Thankfully the shift drum bolt was firmly in place!
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