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Originally Posted by scrambler73 View Post
There are plenty of parts options out there these days....

John at

Jess at

Andre or Ellen at

Do some comparison shopping. I purchase all of my resto items from these vendors.

and there are no paint codes. House of Kolor and Dupont Hot Hues Candies have good matches. You will need to find some sample books and find a color you think is "close enough". There were a lot of variations (shades, content of candy, etc) with Kawasaki paint back then so keep that in mind as well. Also, if you are restoring the bike with the intention of reselling to make a "profit" just because its a Kawi Triple, know that it is VERY easy to get upside down fixing these bikes up...especially the little triples.

If you restoring because you love the bike... Then good on ya! Not many people fix up 250's......

I don't have any intention of selling it, or It would have been gone already. But, I don't plan on going underwater on it either. I'm guessing I'll have a little over a grand in it, plus my labor, before I have it on the road. I just wanted a 2 stroke to cruise around town on.

the reason I ask for the paint code is because I'm colorblind.

and I don't need anything bigger than a 250, I'll be lucky to avoid tickets with this thing.
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