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TTR 250 Prep aka T98 2.0

If you've been following OC's 2012 MK1 thread, you may have noticed I missed the Juniper ride due to Bobcats. The short version of that story is that we’ve know for awhile that we had a male Bobcat on the property and then recently spotted his mate, and on Tuesday night they killed one of our laying hens, only 100 feet from the house. Since there was no one to take care of or watch the place or guard the animals while I was gone, I ended up staying home and missed the big ride with the OSR Team. However, I did take full advantage of the time at home and finished getting the TTR ready for the Desert 100.

A few days ago I had started on the TTR, cleaning it, changing the oil and adjusting the throttle stop.

Here’s where it was at on Friday night (note T98 vintage bike in pieces on the shop floor, I think she’s jealous of the new girl getting all the attention);

Next step was to install 1" bar risers, both to allow some fork height adjust-ability as well as allowing me to stand on the pegs without being so hunched over. The bar risers were not exactly what I had hoped for with only slight indexing into the old mounts (not fully engaged as some are) but at this point I'm going to give them a try and hope they hold firm;

Next up was the air-box intake snorkel, reputed to be quite restrictive and the key to some free horsepower. Rather than just removing it as some do, I wanted to retain a little of its water deflecting ability so decided to cut it down and open it up a little inside. Here is the before shot;

And here is the after shot;

I glued it back into the air-box and then moved on to the next task, removing the wimpy original engine nerf bars and installing a Moose skid plate. Original protection;

With enhanced Moose protection;

Next I moved on to mounting a rear fender bag that was salvaged from an old mini back-pack. As I was thinking of a way to securely mount the bag, it dawned on me that if I did it right I could also use the same mounts or brackets to secure the fender, as the original factory mount at the rear (these are held on from the factory by the tail-light inner housing) had broken and was held together by a tie-wrap. I used rubber coated conduit straps around the rear frame tubes and bolted the bag onto the fender through the straps. Muy bueno!

I had removed the rear wheel to get better access under the fender, so decided I was time to replace the burned out stock tire and mount a spare Dunlop D952 left over from another project, greased the bearings, remounted the wheel, serviced the air-filter, replaced the stock original plug with an NGK Iridium, put all the plastic back on the bike, gave it a quick detail and threw on some numbers;

As part of the process, I adjusted the rear sag and compression damping. The rear damping was on full soft, so I set it exactly at the mid point and will just have to test and adjust from there. A pair of bark busters await installation and a new exhaust tip and spark arrestor are on their way, once those pieces are on it should be ready!
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