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Originally Posted by Narsisco Lopez View Post
I'd like to see some video of you bending it, please

How about a pic? It's not me in the picture, because I'm the one taking the pic, but I had just traveled the same line. The condition of this trail was similar to the pic for what seemed like a couple of miles. The pic is of us coming down; I beat the snot out of the bottom of my bike relentlessly going up and coming down. I guess that's what I get for being a fat bastard!

And please don't get me wrong, I think the Weld86 plate is a great piece of equipment. I will definitely buy another one without hesitation.

Edit for additional info: I didn't realize until months later that I had bent the plate. I didn't notice the plate springing when I removed it for maintenance, but when I tried to put it back on, the holes didn't line up. I contacted Charlie and he told me to send it back to him and he would fix it, but I figured out how to do it myself. Amazing what you can do with a pipe wrench! Anyway, please hear me when I say that the plate suffered from user abuse, not faulty equipment!!!!!
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