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Jason McDaniel
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The notes called for an "over crest, right 4, stay mid" but should have said "caution, stay left". At the bottom of the crest the road had washed out about halfway across. With the suspension fully loaded the front right wheel went into the hole in the road. Since there wasn't any suspension left (it was loaded at the base of the crest) the car bounced and did an endo and a pirouette. It first landed on the passenger C-pillar and trunk then finally came to rest on it's wheels.

Despite the carnage, everyone was in great shape and in good spirits. Brianne's driving attracted attention from the right people.

Turns out the shell of the car is beyond rebuilding, but most of the components will go into a lightweight coupe for now that will be used for rallycross, and will likely end up in another rally car in the future.
Jason McDaniel
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