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Rode around a bit more this evening with the new light and I'm still very happy with the performance. Aimed the light up higher and it really helped the throw; there is light a good distance while still being just low enough to not blind oncoming traffic.

One thing I did notice is the light cutoff will visibly flicker on road signs while riding past; not really annoying, but an observation nonetheless.

I took some pictures and, as usual, the camera doesn't do the light output justice. I'm sitting on the right side of the road and on a slight hill so I'm angled upwards just a touch.

No lights on. (Control)

Parking light. (Stock 5W bulb in US housing)

HID Low beam. (50W Morimoto in D2S Projector)

HID High beam. (HID Low beam + no cutoff shield = High Beam)

The high beam is pretty good for distance, but doesn't add much to the peripheral light available. However, the low beam does a very nice job of lighting up the sides of the road. While leaning over into a turn, you can lose a bit of light because of the sharp cutoff (same as what slackmeyer mentioned earlier), but I found keeping a finger on the flash to pass button for quick bursts of light solved this issue for me.

I found myself chuckling while riding through a forest preserve tonight because I was actually able to see past the edge of the road and into the trees!
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