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Originally Posted by blaine.hale View Post
I think I'm more so let down that this is not a rebuild thread, it's just a "look at this cool thing I got and sold just to make a profit."
Which is just so counter to the old school culture around here.
Bravo for the chunk of change you got out of it but I was hoping you'd at least get it running instead of dangling a broken bike with a massive price tag in front of us. If I wanted that, I'd go to an ebay listing.
I mean, not even a good story of how you rode them in your younger days or a cool tale from the PO??
I can only hope the poor sucker that bought it will post a build thread here and give us something worth while.
Maybe I'm spoiled by my situation of getting a free bike and wanting to continue the karma though.

*end rant.
as a matter of fact i did have one as a kid. first real big cc street bike i owned. 72 i bought in 1976. had a three into one pipe on it, painted red. i shot it black in my parents basement while they were on vacation. had the heads milled, pistons cut, ports worked and bought a brand spankin' new set of chrome dencos for $259.00. ( my mechanical shortcomings showed their first of many episodes when the shop i took the cylinders, heads and pistons to said "which pistons came out of which cylinders?" oops, new piston/rings time plus the associated cost).owned that bike during the formative years from when i was a 20-21 year old cannabis smoking (pretty dumb to admit to that), beer drinking, cut off levi's (and of course commando), no shirt, tennis shoes, full face helmet shod dumb ass chasing nubile/firm chicks in a likewise inebriated state. drag raced it legally and otherwise, blitzed down two lane backroads at 120+ regularly, outran the countys/states/municipalities finest with aplomb. even had a yellow full dunstall kit complete with half fairing, tank cover/seat and clip ons installed for a while. rode it with a plate off a norton that was traded into a dealership i worked at (pretty dumb to admit to that) after the state came to my house and confiscated the plate off it and my car when my license was suspended for tickets.
sold it to a friend of mine who owned into the 90's when he was killed in a private plane crash landing on some fucked up little airstrip somewhere in new york.

absolutely my favorite bike of all times. i've owned half a dozen h2's over the years but you know, it ain't the same.
pic of bike and new wifey in 1978. sorry no scanner.
blaine.hale, thanks for bringing back the memories in a slighty skewed way.
I only ride 'em. I don't know what makes 'em work.

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