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Hey hey people!

Been off the radar for a week or so due to training and working our socks off! Though we did have a day off to look around a reclamation yard where we found this:

Sam pondered for a moment whether we should change our mode of transport for the trip

The training so far has been superb! The team at Smart Motorcycle Training have said I am a natural (oo la la!) however, I made a superb fluff up and decided it would be a stupendous idea to throw myself round some cones on my derriere at 30mph as opposed to the bike! Not my finest moment but fortunately in a controlled environment. It served as a good lesson of what to do when you hit something small (... e.g. not brake when on top of it! I'll only end up on my butt!)!

So I have encountered my first tumble (of which I am sure there will be many when the off roading courses take place) and despite being a bit bumped and bruised, all is good!

We've now had our Module 1 tests too... and passed! Weh hey! Here are a few of the clips from the day...

Sam starting up for his Module 1 Test featuring Ianto our nutty Instructor!

I was slightly nervous here after throwing myself off the bike during the practice swerve test a week and a half prior:

Sams awesomely controlled slalom and figure of 8... a little too tight though for Iantos nerves!

Celebrations and mickey taking... Having passed with no minors and Sam with two (one due to forgetting rear observation and the other for riding too slow... when doing the slow riding section of the exam!) It's probably going to be the only chance I will have one up on him when riding so I relished the opportunity whilst it lasted!

We now have a nice Sunday ride planned this weekend and then will be out on Module 2 on Monday! Feeling a bit more relaxed about this one... Module 1 just felt so sterile being in a playground like fenced off area! Still a wee bit apprehensive but fingers crossed eh!

Lots more vids, pics and diary entries below:

Chasing Horizons Webby
Facebook Chasing Horizons
Chasing Horizons Twitter

If you get the opportunity, any "likes" on our Facebook page would be massively appreciated!

Cheers guys and girls! Looking forward to joining you all soon on the road!!

*edit* Ooo err not sure why the vids aren't showing? Moderators any idea (or anyone else want to hazard a guess?!).... Ooo I take that back they've just loaded! Odd!
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