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A couple of things...

Ed - he WILL pick up from San Francisco - but he usually likes to pick up 2 m/cs on his trailer at the same time. He had a beautiful slash 2 on the trailer from the city when he fetched mine. I think it only fair to give him something for the gas IMHO. If you want pick up and delivery then you need to be flexible with dates..

Bob - (I hope I am not gunna get Ted into trouble here..) Ted left Santa Cruz as they were finding it hard to pay a dedicated service manager when they have such a quiet winter down there - being down in Watsonville is not ideal - and I think the whole operation from what I hear was struggling to stay in the black all year. Ted did tell me he left on good terms FWIW.

Ted IS a good guy - to a fault. I cannot honestly complain about Cal BMW as to be honest I think they are pretty good. Ted is in another league though to be honest - and thats because he ENJOYS what he does above all else.
Just happy :)
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