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Duuh! 1:2:3=3:2:1!

So a few of us are banging around, four-wheeler, dual-purpose and I'm on my trusty KLR-600. Somebody knows a great trail to run on... it is an old railroad grade... tracks are out, ties are gone, no ballast, just a non-grass clay hard pack. The railroad had bridges, but they were removed. I was never on it but it seemed cool and I'm following a four wheeler.

We get to missing bridge 1... 60 feet wide of deep, stinking water with a crapload of old railroad ties floating in the muck. Somebody has built up a little dam sort of thing that backed up the water... it must flood in the Spring but this is late Summer... but the ATV's can fit on it and everybody goes across. Back on the trail about two miles later is missing bridge 2... very similar to #1. We get through and then it is about 4 miles to a 20 foot wide mini-replica of the other two. Every thing is cool and then we get on and really haul... no more bridges forever.

40 minutes later we all stop and the ATV'S decide there is something more interesting... a mud bog (why do they do that... like pigs in slop?) and the bikes head back after it looks like it is just going to be a pig pen that goes nowhere but filthy. I'm third. Bridge 3... in and out. I pass into second and... Bridge 2 ... in and out. I pass into first and... WFO... forget about Bridge 1. Aaaaaah!!!!! Air... Splash... Glub... Ouch! OK, the KLR went down running (carb flush, gas tank flush... no dents!, extended crank case flushing, blown rear tire). The swamp water was too foul. The chipped pelvis was a pain in the ass. Close call because it shoulda' been a whole lot worse.

Good Lord, I loved that bike more than any other. We went everywhere together and we did it all... in the air, in the swamp, in the woods. Was it her, or the way I felt with her? I remember when I bought her new Metzlers. She was so responsive and gave me back more than I gave her.

But I eventually wandered away to a touring bike with a big chest and broad hips. I never forgot her thumping and thus the new relationship was doomed from the start because I couldn't let go.

Run Moe, Run... the coyotes are coming!

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