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Direct Linky to Google calendar is here

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Southern Maryland Adventure Riders SpotWalla page
The direct link to the location page is:

The location page URL can be shared wherever and however you choose.

You can also use the link to embed the location page into another webpage or blog or... More information on that may be found here:

Since the location page is viewable by the general public please ensure everyone who chooses to join this page is aware of secure zones and how to control the types of messages that update their location on the page.
Secure zones are regions of the map where locations will not be shown. They allow the user to safeguard their home, place of work, grandma's house or any other region where they want to maintain some privacy. More information on secure zones can be found here:

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Ride reports & GPX files
Maryland Tarmac Rides
Ferries! Northern Neck VA Download GPX file here
Bob's BMW Dirty Dozen Ride #1 (Western Charles County) Download GPX file here
MD Lighthouse Ride Download GPX file here (**NOTE File has not been ridden since re-created)
Southern Maryland Tarmac Tracks (Moy's Mallows Bay, Croom Country, and The Amish 100), Trail of An Assassin & Small Garages Download Track here
Southern Maryland Small Garages Tour RR

Maryland Dual Sport Rides
Middleburg, VA Horse Country Big bike, Noob Friendly Download GPX here
Download 2013 Middleburg Tarmac Ride GPX here
Dual Sporting Around Catocin Mountain Park & Michaux SF (PA) Big bike, Noob Friendly GPX track here

Annual SoMD Rides
SoMD ADV Riders Present: 55th Parallel, But Whose Counting--A Trans Taiga Adventure
SoMD Continental Divide
April 2012 Splashes and Crashes

Ride Reports of Wingmates
Lakota's Library
Can an east coast rider survive RawHyde's Next Step ??
Southern Maryland Adventure Riders--A CornerSpin We Will Go-Hi Ho!
Southern Maryland Adventure Riders in George Washington National Forest (WV/VA) GPX Track here

Upcoming events (2014)

March Moto Madness

Dates: 27-30 March 2014
Location: Tellico Plains, TN

Additional information:

Tentative "IN" list

Roaming Rally Explorer Edition

22 - 25 May
Location: Quebec, Canada

Tentative "IN" list
Keith McKenney (?)
(Dates: TBD)
This will be our big trip for the year so start banking leave and prepping folks at work because we are talking about 4 weeks unless you plan on shipping the bike a bit West and that's only going to save a couple days.
- Dust 2 Dawson is most likely a requirement. (3rd week of June???)

Here is the 2012 ADV thread on D2D:
Tentative "IN" list
Joints4sale (?)

20 - 24 November
Tentative "IN" list
Shipping DRZ and DR out for the event

Training classes

BMW off road school
Location: South Carolina
Price: $1095.00
Course length: 2 days
Notes: Includes motorcycle/lunch
Rating: Excellent

Pine Barrens Adventure Camp
Location: New Jersey
Price: ???
Course length: 2 days
Notes: Needs more refinement and focus on training with a set curriculum, need better training facilities.
Rating: Acceptable

Location: California
Price: $1,395.00
Course length: 2 Days
Notes: Food and lodging included, Bike rental available
Rating: Excellent

Location: North Carolina
Price: $525.00 first time, returning students $325.00
Course length: 2 days
Notes: Bikes provided
Rating: Excellent

Jimmy Lewis Off-road
Location: Nevada
Price: $600.00
Course Length: 2 days
Notes: Bike rental available
Rating: N/A

Trials Training Center
Location: Sequatchie, Tennessee
Price: $400-650
Course Length: 2 days
Notes: Bike rental available & camping
Rating: N/A
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