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Two times in one day...
...Following a car on a quiet two lane city street, he pulls over to the side in the parking space near the hardware store, then does a U turn right in front of me. Four or five blocks later, I'm on a wide two lane and a woman pulls from the left into my lane. When I get a chance to ask her why, she said, "the sun was in my eyes." I didn't ask her why she pulled out when she admittedly couldn't see what was coming toward her.

Another day...
The east-west two lane has stop signs at the intersection where the north-south two lane is a through road. I'm stopped at one stop sign and a Suburban is stopped across from me at the other stop sign. One car comes down the through road, then the 'burb pulls out and almost hits the second through car. If he'd hit it, it would have bounced into me. If that car had dodged him, it would have hit me. If I'd tried to power through the intersection and they didn't hit, it would have hit me. Everybody missed everybody, and I gave a wave to the 'burb driver...first a fist, then one finger.

Riding in the Dominican Republic with (great trip, hope to repeat)...
Driving there is OK once we learn their system which is kind'a give a little and take a little. Most traffic keeps to the right, slower stuff way right. I was in the center of the road passing a slow truck with a minibus coming at me, but it was closer than I thought, missed by an inch or two, and that was the only time I flinched on the week ride with the group.
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