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Well its been a couple of weeks since there was a move on the bike. 2 floods in a week then a busy week on the powder line, had me waiting like a 7 year old for santa for my frame to be ready. Well as they say all good things come to those who wait. And I was lucky enough to get it today. While I was waiting Ive been busy on ebay buying lots of bits for the rebuild. Unfortunately Im still waiting on a few bits, but I had enough to keep me busy for an hour or two.

Mmmmm nice powder coating always makes a job look better.

After getting all the parts inside, I thought Id start to put the frame back together. First was a new set of swing arm bushes. the book says these should just push in and out with no trouble. Well I guess they never tried to do the job. I had to destroy the old ones to get them out and the new ones were such a snug fit, Im hoping to never have to do the job again. One of the parts that hasnt turned up were the steering head bearings which was a little dissapointing, so basicly all I could do was the swing arm and fit the new shocks. A nice set of YSS shocks. They are 20mm longer than standard ones, which help with the load the bike will have to put up with and this should match the longer forks that are one the bike.

What comes apart eventually starts to come back together.

Now once the forks are rebuilt I`ll be starting on the motor. It will be a bottom up rebuild. Crank bearings, big end, small end, and a total new top end. Not sure if its been rebored before. Ive rebuit a DT250A before and got a full gasket kit from The Old Parts shop in Singapore, but this time Im having trouble finding a full kit for the DT250C. I did find 1 seller, but he refused to post internationally. His loss I guess, so ive started buying gaskets individually. Ive hand cut gaskets before, so I`ll make the stator cover and oild pump cover by hand, but Ive bought a clutch side case gasket. I did manage to get a full motor seal kit, but until I get the rest of my bits the motor and the rest of you, will have to wait.

New bits
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