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Originally Posted by tonusmaximus View Post
Looking and prolly buying 95 dr350es tonight. Low mileage bike.anything to watch for like my xr400 frozed up swingarm bolt? Thanks!
There are three weak points that I'm aware of on the DR.

Some are very hard to start. It sounds like you might have already looked at the bike, but if you haven't, be sure to tell the owner that you want to start it up with a cold engine, so don't warm it up before you get there.

The second issue is clutch drag. When the bike is running, put it in gear and pull in the clutch. You should be able too push the bike forward and back like it's in neutral. If the bike prefers to go forward, and not back, then you have a clutch drag problem. Also, if you have problems finding neutral with the engine running, you have clutch drag problems. Click here for the solution.

The final issue is a that catastrophic engine failure can occur if the alignment pin for the counterbalancer wiggles loose. Unfortunately you have to split the cases to check on that, so it's not something you can really take into consideration when you buy one of these bikes.

Otherwise just check the normal stuff:
Check for oil leaking from the forks and shock.
Inspect weld joints on the frame for cracks, specifically around the subframe.
Check the color of the oil, this will give you an idea of how well maintained the bike is.
Check the condition of the air filter.
Make sure it shifts smoothly into each gear. Also, if you have a safe spot to do it, try to accelerate hard in each gear. If the bike pops out of gear on hard acceleration you have expesive tranny problems.

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