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Originally Posted by daveoneshot View Post
..Spencer, I've been reading this thread since the beginning and I have a question : What size master cylinder are you
using for your dual disc conversion ?, i.e, the diameter of the bore.......and are the calipers 38mm or 40 mm ?...
thanks in advance, Dave.
Originally Posted by daveoneshot View Post
....I have a '78 R 100/7 and my single caliper is a 40 mm.......they are stamped " 40 " right on the outside., don't
know about the 38 mm though.....the reason I'm getting into this : I'm collecting parts for a dual conversion and need
all the info possible. I want to go factory stock.
daveoneshot! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you (if you are still reading). I finally ordered some parts from the BeemerShop (they told me that the calipers are stamped 38 or 40, and if they are blank then they are 38) and both my calipers are 40mm. (mine are stamped 40). As I said, I think the new MC is 17, but i did not get to verify that yet. My new house has consumed me, but I hope to get my new front end on in April (that's why i'm ordering parts - so I'm ready when i have free time:) )

Have a great weekend everyone!
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