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It just occurred to me my phrasing of "DR/DRZ" suggests these forks/clamps are identical in these two bikes, and something tells me they are not. I don't know the details of the DR front suspension spec, others here likely will.

I should have restricted my comment to the model I know (DRZ). Not to say DR riders mightn'd enjoy such a product, though the more adv/tour bias of that bike might make those riders more amenable to a more back slanted fairing. But where I think this type of fairing could potentially make a splash is with the more enduro focused bikes (XRR, EXC, FE, TE, etc.) - and though less of a hardcore dirt bike, the DRZ as well.

Anyway - just wanted to clear that up if it was a bit muddled. Stoked to see the progress .... pennies should be lined up in a couple of weeks time to order ... :)


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