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We are here to provide as much misinformation as possible

I think they are pretty close - at least the fork clamp bolt orientation is the same so the concept for the bracket is the same. Either way someone will correct us. Let me know your thoughts on that bracket design ok.

Originally Posted by canadius_maximus View Post
It just occurred to me my phrasing of "DR/DRZ" suggests these forks/clamps are identical in these two bikes, and something tells me they are not. I don't know the details of the DR front suspension spec, others here likely will.

I should have restricted my comment to the model I know (DRZ). Not to say DR riders mightn'd enjoy such a product, though the more adv/tour bias of that bike might make those riders more amenable to a more back slanted fairing. But where I think this type of fairing could potentially make a splash is with the more enduro focused bikes (XRR, EXC, FE, TE, etc.) - and though less of a hardcore dirt bike, the DRZ as well.

Anyway - just wanted to clear that up if it was a bit muddled. Stoked to see the progress .... pennies should be lined up in a couple of weeks time to order ... :)


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