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Originally Posted by Zapp22 View Post
this is such great work - timely to me since we recently lost my father-in-law, a "great one" of the great generation - died here at my home on his 90th birthday, we transported back to his beloved Birmingham, laid to rest with his bride and infant son and mother.
His mother had to "make do" in the Depression era after her husband died untimely - she bought an old building in Woodlawn area and started a grocery store on the bottom floor, family huddled down to live upstairs - all the kids worked.

But I wanted to mention this as you may be able to quickly check my facts. One of my "learning" areas to ride, was a tad contraban when I was learning - the old mining roads of Ruffner Mountain. The area thankfully has since been made into a park of sorts - nature center, etc, and rightly so since it is a lovely spot amidst a lot of less than pristine urban sprawl - My recollection is that there is an old graveyard on the mountain alongside one of the old mining paths...
oops - EDIT- found it. "Bass Cemetery" it is NEAR the nature center boundaries but not in there:

thanks Google!

Also, if you haven't perused it: the Wood family for whom Woodlawn is named, has a very old private cemetery tucked away just off the main drag in Woodlawn. Mostly goes unnoticed 'cause it amounts to a lot in an old urban area, rather obscure, easy to miss.
57th street near old Woodlawn High School - my alma mater and that of my six siblings. Incredible that the cemetery reaches back to 1824!
So sorry about your father-in-law.

Thanks for the kind words and all the great information.....
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