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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Ok my new replacement tank (about 6 months old) has started to crack, small crack at present, but it's there.
I still have the canister system installed as original - did did not want to get in a fight about the tank swap not being covered because I HAD removed the canister ...

I think the replacement tank should have a 2-year warranty maybe parts only ... not labor ???

I know the dealer inspected the pressure/vacuum valve when my new tank was installed, but may not have checked for a plugged canister.

If the canister is working properly I think air should pass freely in both directions on all three fittings of the canister (in from tank / out to engine / vent).

Does this sound right? I likely should either inspect the canister ............ once I'm sure I know what to expect....

Then make a plan ....
Yeppers on the 24 month warranty on the parts... At least thats what my dealer states as well. Personally I would rip out the cc... Just for good measure. I reinstalled the pressure/vacuum valve in my it is minimizing the fuel oders venting to the outside...and I have had no issues with over pressurized tank. My opinion..... Even with an over pressurized malfunctioning vent system..... it will NOT cause the tank to crack...... You would need to engage with pressures and vacuum numbers....far greater than what the bike would tolerate..... I really think bad casting is the issue here.... Mine is '09....HOT desert.... lots of uv..... not a thing... Just imho....

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