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The saddest RD350 in the world

I swear, I had no intention of doing this. The last two "it's raining and I'm getting a bit twitchy" projects proved ALL the old adages about old motorcycles and flushing money down the toilet, but they also served notice that I am a hopeless sucker for just about anything Yamaha cobbled together in the 70s and 80s:

giant time and money hole #1

and giant time and money hole #2

It should be noted that both the abovementioned money holes are, as is usually the case with me and internal combustion things, unfinished. Little things like brake lights and horns and clacky exhaust valves, but they are done enough to run, and the hunger for something new has been chewing at me for a long time now. And that hunger has been entirely two-stroke in nature.

So, just as the search for a Bultaco Metralla had raised nothing but frustration and questions about my deeper level of sanity, and the local sources for old DT or RT Yamahas (remember, I have a weakness) to turn into lightweight canyon rippers was proving dry as the Arizona desert, completely by chance this wee beast followed me home the other day:

A 1975 RD350B, minus gauges, seat, sidepanel, and any sort of paperwork. Including the dubious merit of RD400 cast boat anchors, err, wheels and brakes, and a pair of expansion chambers that can only charitably be described as "crude." But, the bike was free, or close to it. How bad could it get, right?
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