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Tijuana and Sonora

Ok so I went out for tacos and found crazy tricked out mexican hot dogs, then I got tired and fell asleep so here is the next set of photos. I am in Mazatlan now and hopefully I can get everything uploaded.

Crashmaster, it gets a lot better you say? I cant wait.
BigAlSmith, thanks for the tips man, I meant to call you before I left, got busy you know how it is.

Thanks everybody for all the kind offers for places to stay, I will take you up on them whenever possible. Advrider is an incredible network and I hope I can do my part to add to the collection of ride reports.

Ok where was I? Oh yeah, dirty stinky L.A.
I left there at 6am and there was traffic, went through Santa Barbara, then crossed at Otay where I met my friend Joel at the Carls Jr., he loves Carls Jr. so I knew he could find me there if I just went there and called him.

Unfortunately he had to work that day so I went on a really badass ride with his brother Franco who also used to live in Bellingham for a little while. He took me screaming through Tijuana and around to the East, South then West on the Libre to Rosarito, we ate burritos and then went weaving through traffic back to his house, couple hour ride. At one point he was passing a big truck on the right on an onramp and just barely squeezed by before the truck swerved left. His tires were touching the curb as he bounced over a cardboard box twisted the throttle, I went around the other way. TIjuan roads are messed up!

I rode south to Mazatlan and from here I plan to do fewer miles and chill out a lot more. Anybody know where I can buy a good map? I took a couple of sweet detours around the toll booths but I am trying my hardest to get down the coast without hitting the cuotas.

Any recommended routes through Mexico and CA would be greatly appreciated too. just PM me, or reply whatever.

Crossing was easy, look at the line going back though


Heres the little trailer where I stayed, next to Joel and Francos apartment

I used a big chain, a disc lock and a bike cover but I still woke up everytime the killer dogs started barking, I also saw the biggest dogs I have ever seen in my life, they travel in gangs no joke, in this picture the chain isnt all the way through, I just set it there to take a picture right before I left

Couple of days in TJ and then look who showed up! Alright dad! He caught up to me on his 77 R100 with his airhead T'shirt and rode with me for a few days, pretty cool

The North of Mexico

We drove through Tecate

Puerto Peņasco

These guys had a little too much to drink

Heres my dad with a Chihuaha

Thats it for now, stay tuned.
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