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Originally Posted by Bora20 View Post
I'm just curious why you wouldn't have bought the EXC instead?
A very good question and I'll touch on my thoughts on various bits it as I post my personal build out; I'd love to hear others express why they chose an XCW as well.

Personally my biggest reason: The EXC has all the emissions stuff on it.. the XCW doesn't. It is easier for me (in Colorado) to add the few items I need to be street legal than it is for me to remove all the crap I don't want on the bike.

Another Colorado reason:

Here in Colorado it is very easy to get a dirtbike plated. You do NOT need turn signals to plate a bike (and I'm trying to apply some KISS to this bike)... UNLESS the bike originally came with turn signals in which case they have to be maintained AND in good working order.

In other words.. if I bought an EXC and busted a turn signal (very likely with how I ride ) a local Ranger or trooper could pull me over and give me a ticket for my broken signal.

OTOH... riding my XC-W with no turn signals at all, they won't bat an eye and I'm not breaking any laws.

I agree.. it is stupid.
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